Letting God Lead the Way

Regina Whitten-Ross grew up in St. Louis, MO loving music as a child from her dad listening to the blues and jazz and her mom's gospel music. Although she was a shy little girl, she  managed to create songs at an early age and started self training herself on an electric organ. She took piano lessons in college, but  writing original songs seemed to touch her heart to soon develop great inspirational Christian music. By letting God lead she saw God in a different way and wanted to see many people saved as she shared her gifts with many listeners.

Finalizing the Songs

Recording in the studio was a great experience. It was a privilege to be able to refine my music and hear the final product. God blessed every word and every note.

God My Inspiration

Through the years I have been fortunate to be able to sing with a variety of choirs, groups and duets. By participating in various musical groups, God allowed my gift to grow far beyond what I expected. I am constantly amazed by how He places me where I need to be musically. He is truly my inspiration!


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